1D bukan nama ayah sayang. It's One Direction!

Hey guys! This is One Direction AKA 1D. But not sayang's father name. Isn't they're just cute? OMG :*

This is Niall Horan. Well Niall is Alia & Aisyah favourite boy. Berebut ah korang!

This is Louis Tomlinson. Which is Tasya's favourite boy number 1 :p

Meet my baby Liam Payne! Omg this is Dhira yang gojes ni punya favourite boy. Liam is so cute :*

This is Harry Edward Styles. Tasya's favourite boy number 2. But yang ni, tasya paling suka hehe :>

And the last but not least, Zayn Malik. Yang ni omg mmg cute! But this is Lily's favourite boy hehe :3

So hi 1D! I know this is crazy. But me & my babes love you! We from Malaysia! Please bring 1D to Malaysia xxxxxxxxx